Five tips on how to organise a successful corporate event

Corporate events. A nightmare to organize? A great way to entertain? Your favourite part of the job? Love it or hate it, events are a must in the corporate world today. So, here are five tips on how to manage the big project ahead of you!


Tip #1: Know your Crowd

Motivating your sales team or showcasing your products to private banking clients is not the same. Obvious? Yes. But this is key to understand when you are planning your event. So, first, adapt your goals to your audience. This means that you have to set clear objectives for the event. Do you want the participants to talk to each other? Or do you want to capture the attention of your clients on your latest products? Wine Tasting can be adapted to every kind of corporate event. Bring your team together with wine games and blind tasting. Attract your private clients to your presentation by offering them a professional wine tasting focusing on a specific theme with access to fine wines. Both events will be fun and entertaining but each will have a specific goal. 

 Tip #2: Make it Fun! 

Whether it is for your team or for your clients, transform your event into something fun and entertaining. Accompany your message with something that your audience will remember. Wine tasting is one of the best activities that you can consider for an evening out with colleagues or clients. It provides an interactive and sensory filled event with fun and laughter and the opportunity to bond and network. Guessing games, quiz and team activities guarantee your guests to interact with each other’s. It might make them a bit tipsy but it will certainly make everybody happy!


 Tip #3: Venue, Venue, Venue

Finding the right venue is sometimes a bit of a headache in Hong Kong. But it is one of the key elements to the success of your event. Again, adapt the venue to your audience. Your team will likely feel comfortable in a casual restaurant/trendy wine bar/private kitchen.  Your high profile clients will be happy that you have treated them to a high-end restaurant but will also appreciate a more casual environment where they feel that work is over. Art galleries, warehouse style venues or art studios are also great options. You will be surprised at how many people will show up just to discover a new trendy place in HK! Just remember to check capacity and customization options!

Tip #4: Food, Glorious Food! 

Good food is essential for a successful event. But ‘good’ does not necessarily mean lavish and your whole budget does not have to be dedicated to the catering. Some of my most successful events are based on food and wine pairing. With cheese, cold cuts and sometimes chocolates, you have the perfect combination. The key is to always surprise your guests with products of excellent quality, new discoveries and original tastes. The wine will do the rest: lighten the mood, give the opportunity to talk and learn something new. Again, make sure you get your numbers right: running out of food is definitely not an option at a corporate event. 



Tip #5: Keep within your Budget

Know your budget in advance and stick to it. Easier said than done? The key is to be open about it with your provider. Everything (well, almost) is possible but it is better to state clearly the budget allocated for your event. Your provider will do his/her best to accommodate. Do not forget to check with your provider what is covered in the proposal and remember that venue will be one of the priciest items for your event. Trust your provider for finding a place that will suit your needs and your budget. In my personal experience, you will be surprised at the venues that we can find in Hong Kong for a limited budget. And remember, events are fully customisable.  

You are now ready to organize your own corporate event. And, remember: wine tasting is one of the best ways to entertain! Seeing the many happy faces on my Wine Events never fails to warm my heart: that is why I keep doing it!