A few comments from students and journalists...

Thank you for such a fabulous lesson, I so enjoyed learning from you! It was fun. You are such an encouraging teacher, I love learning from you and admire your attention to detail.
— Bernice Cheng, WSET Level 3 Certified xBorder Foods&Wines
Thank you for preparing a lot for our lessons. You are a very hardworking teacher and we are delighted to share your enthusiasm about wine. I am sure your students will pass with flying colors!
— Eilly Lau, WSET Level 3 Certified
Thanks again for conducting the two classes. I truly enjoy it very much and I certainly have learned a lot from you. Thank you.
— Calvin Tan, EDV1 Certified
I should have expressed my gratitude much earlier for your patience to teach me the WSET level 3 course. I am sure that I would not have passed if you were not our tutor. All my classmates appreciated a lot the time and effort you have spent on us.
— Alvin Lai, WSET Level 3 Certified
Thank you for a wonderful tasting yesterday and a very informative talk.
— Ali Nicol, Founder and CEO - Wine Times Hong Kong
I collected the results [of WSET Level III examination] last Saturday and I was surprised and lucky to know that I got distinction in Theory, Tasting and Overall Result. I must say THANK YOU to you. Your professionalism and enthusiasm guide me through the course and examination. I learn a lot from you especially about tasting of wine and how to enjoy it. I really appreciate it
— Tsang Hin Hung, WSET Level 3 Certified