My Wine Experience – A private wine class in the comfort of your home

The French Culture Touch ! (Photo Credit C.Gryson)

The French Culture Touch ! (Photo Credit C.Gryson)

After seven years in Hong Kong - Yes ! I have my new Permanent Resident ID ;-) - working with wine, I feel it is about time to launch my own wine education program. I have called it MY WINE EXPERIENCE.

MY WINE EXPERIENCE is a unique concept where participants can organise their own wine workshop in the comfort of their home.

The idea is simple: you gather a group of four to ten friends in your home, select a theme and choose a date for the event. I will provide the service and the wines according to the theme as well as glasses, spittoons, decanter, tasting biscuits and tasting guides. Everyone can join whether you are a wine lover, wine amateur or just a beginner.

The workshops, that last two hours, include the tasting of three or four fine wines that I have carefully selected. Each workshop is designed to be educational as well as entertaining with interactive activities perfectly suited for that kind of event: games, aroma workshop, quiz and, depending on the theme, blind tasting. It’s a fun way to bring people together and learn more about wine. From experience, I can guarantee that you learn better with others: comparing tasting notes and discussing your favourite wines will definitly be encouraged.

I think MY WINE EXPERIENCE is perfect for friends gathering, birthdays, hen-does, Christmas parties or farewells. And, of course, I will add my unique ‘French culture touch’ to the workshop!

All I want to do is to share my passion about wine and to give you the opportunity to have a fun, practical and interactive approach to wine tasting while spending an entertaining evening with your friends… simply at home! See you soon!

For more information and quote please contact me.

List of themes proposed:

  • Wine Etiquette: Tasting and Serving Wine
  • Wine 101: Styles, Grape Varieties and French Regions
  • A Few Secrets about Bordeaux
  • The Villages of Burgundy
  • Rhone Valley: the Road to the South of France
  • Champagne and Sparkling: Know Your French Bubbly
  • New World vs Old World 
  • Rosés Wines: Perfect for Hong Kong Sizzling Summer
  • Iberica Tour: Hidden Gems from Spain
In the comfort of your home... 

In the comfort of your home...