Jules: New Kid on the Block

Another French restaurant in Hong Kong? When a friend of mine mentioned Jules Bistro, I wondered if there were not too many French restaurants in Hong Kong already. But he raved so much a bout this one that I had to try! 

Jules Bistro is a truly authentic (and being French, I know what I am talking about) French homely cuisine: no fuss, tasty, traditional cooking with regional products and good value wines. Some dish might surprise your palate but if you want real French cuisine, this is the place to be.

Not only the food is typically French but the whole atmosphere will take you to France. It is as if by magic you had landed in a small brasserie in a village of the Rhône. Red and white checkered cloth napkin on your knees, Laguiole knife in your hand, French musique in your ears: You are definitely not in Hong Kong when you eat at Jules Bistro. The Chef, Laurent Brouard is even more French than the French, bossing around his staff, multi tasking between the kitchen and the dining room while making sure that his clients have a great time. 

You will be spoiled for choice for food: you can share a 'plateau' of charcuterie (cold cuts) or of French gourmet cheeses with friends; you can discover the mysterious French Boudin Noir (French blood sausage), the famous Saucisse de Morteau (smokey sausage from the East of France) with lentils or a 'real' Fondue Bourguignone (no cheese). You can also choose to take away some of the goodies home made by Laurent (rillettes, terrines, foie gras, etc.). 

I had the Saucisse Coupée au Couteau with Aligot (unctuous potato purée with melted cheese from the Auvergne region) served in a cute little Le Creuset individual pot and it was a hit: the sausage was tasty and perfectly cooked while the Aligot was melting away in my mouth. It came with perfectly seasoned tomatoes confites and green beans. I could not leave without trying the Apricot Tart: again, rich flavours melting in your mouth. A real nice French lunch indeed. 

So if you feel like eating in rural France without having to take a plane, take the tram to Happy Valley and look for Jules Bistro. 

Jules Bistro

King-Inn Mansion, 13-15 Yik Yam Street, Happy Valley