Perrier-Jouët & Japanese Food: a Match Made in Heaven

I was invited by Perrier-Jouët to conduct a food and Champagne matching dinner Monday night.
The prospect filled me with joy as Perrier-Jouët is one of my favourite Champagne. I was not disappointed.
The event took place at Inagiku, one of the top Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong. As the entrance door slided to open, I entered a world of refinement and 'zenitude'. The atmosphere is very Japanese indeed: calm, purity of the decor, diffused lighting; and the view onto the harbour is simply stunning.

We had a seven course menu to pair with three Perrier-Jouët Champagnes, each of them having a distinct personality. The pairing was perfect.

The Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut is full of floral character and fruit (lemon & peach) with a lively acidity that cut through the delicate flesh of the hairy crab. That pairing brought roundness to the wine. On the other hand, the delicate flavours of the sashimi were revealed through the minerality of the Champagne. It was as if a big pacific wave splash came out of the wine bringing freshness and seafood characteristic to the palate.

Blason Rosé was perfect with the sushi as the blood orange flavours of the wine were brought to life thanks to the White Shrimp and Giant Yellowtail. Meanwhile the acidity of the wine managed to cut down the oiliness of the tempura and helped us focus on the multitude of flavours that were coming through the food and the wine.

Finally, we had the stunning Cuvée Perrier-Jouët Belle Époque Rosé which is an ode to complexity, delicacy, finesse and elegance. The multi-layered flavours and aromas kept coming out as the wine breathed. The pairing with Teppanyaki pork and lamb was the highlight of this perfect dinner.

The more I drink Perrier-Jouët, the more I love it. For me it epitomises 'femininity' in a Champagne: delicate and yet, straight to the point, floral and fruity but elegant. A Champagne that is not right in your face but which takes time to reveal its delicate flavours... I do not know if this is 'feminine', but it feels like that for me ! 



Perrier Jouët